How to survive your first 25 years in technology transfer?

Tom Hockaday, Chief Executive Officer, Isis Innovation Ltd (2006 – 2016), United Kingdom

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, Tom Hockaday started working on university-business collaborations, first at UCL, then Bristol University, and since 2000
at Oxford University, Isis Innovation Ltd, which he just recently left. Tom will share his experience with us, asking us to ponder: what were we doing in 1989?

It is a long time ago. The landscape of university-business interactions has changed enormously, technology transfer has grown, has almost grown-up, and matured, like a fine Danish cheese. Yet the fundamental challenges remain: universities and research institutions are teaching, with an open and sharing nature, and businesses are not. We choose to work for universities on these enormously rewarding challenges, operating in the twilight zone between university research and business, industry and finance. Plus ça change plus c’est la même chose as we say in England.

Moderator: Marta Catarino, Director, TecMinho, University of Minho, Portugal | President-elect, Board and Chair, Programming Committee, ASTP-Proton