26 May 2016

09:00 - 10:30

Welcome and opening plenary

  09:00 - 10:30
  Room: 8 & 9, Hotel Scandic


Christian Stein, CEO, Ascenion GmbH, Germany | President, Board, ASTP-Proton

Insights of knowledge transfer in the Danish ecosystem and from European Commision Perspective

Søren Frandsen, Chief Advisor, Aarhus University, Chairman, Danish National Network of Technology Transfer (DNNT), Denmark
Patrick McCutcheon, Senior Policy Advisor, European Commission, Belgium

Keynote speaker
Private-Public Partnerships – Food for thought
Henrik Jørgen Andersen, Senior R&D Manager, Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S Denmark

The open innovation (OI) paradigm has emerged as a response to manage the increased amount of boundary-spanning knowledge flows in and out of the innovation process. However, most of the OI focus on business-to-business transactions while open innovation activities in public-private partnerships only is in its infancy with regard to exploit the full potential. Universities are typically seen in the role of suppliers of knowledge without discussing other potential roles and objectives universities may have in OI partnerships, although they may also gain from these relationships as contributions to their educational and research activities. This presentation will focus on challenges/experiences in establishing Private-Public Partnerships in order to cultivate an OI approach more equal to those known from business-to-business transactions together with some more recent initiatives taken to pursue the potential benefits in a closer collaboration with the academic world.


What to expect during the Annual Conference?

Marta Catarino, Director, TecMinho, University of Minho, Portugal | President-elect, Board and Chair, Programming Committee, ASTP-Proton