Amanda Zeffman (2)-scaled-croppedAmanda has over 10 years of experience working at the commercial – academic interface. She is the Head of Consultancy Services at Cambridge Enterprise Limited, (the technology transfer arm of the University of Cambridge), a fast growing service dedicated to facilitating consultancy between University academics and external organisations leading to both societal and economic impact.

Amanda has a proven track record of successfully initiating and developing new projects. For example, she recently initiated the Industry Engagement Forums in Cambridge, a series of one day workshops to generate potential collaborations between the University and industry enabling Cambridge as a Centre of excellence to foster relationships with worldwide commercial organizations. She has also been actively involved in the International Outreach Programme run by Cambridge Enterprise to provide training and advice to academic and governmental organizations globally on innovation, technology transfer strategy and operations and has also delivered training to technology transfer professionals on several occasions for PraxisUnico. She is also a member of the Programming Committee for ASTP-Proton, the premier European Association for Technology Transfer Professionals.

Prior to her role at Cambridge, Amanda was responsible for running a newly created interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Centre in Targeted Therapeutics funded by AstraZeneca/EPSRC at the School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham. As project manager, she managed the PhD programme and successfully brought together academics and industry to generate collaborative research projects for the Centre. Alongside this, Amanda also led a government-funded project to develop researchers’ transferable skills.

In addition to working at the commercial-academic interface, Amanda has had a further 8 years of experience in research and the Pharma related industry. Further to being awarded a PhD in HIV research from the world renowned MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, she held roles in governmental policy and also at IPSOS Mori where as Manager of the International HIV Therapy Monitor, she was responsible for a team, planning, implementing and analysing large international HIV studies on HIV therapy for the Global Pharmaceutical industry advising them on marketing and commercial strategy.

E: Amanda.Zeffman@enterprise.cam.ac.uk
W: www.enterprise.cam.ac.uk