Anita Nel (2)-scaled-cropped  Anita Nel is CEO of Innovus and Senior Director of Innovation and Business Development at SU.

One of Anita’s first positions was at Thawte, a successful South African IT company which was sold to VeriSign in 2000. Upon leaving Thawte, Anita was one of the founder members of HBD Venture Capital where she worked as Investment Manager.

At HBD Anita gained valuable experience in investing in technology start-ups and serving on the boards of these companies post investment. With vast experience in human resources, marketing, negotiations, strategy and general management, Anita is well equipped to understand entrepreneurship and the many challenges facing start-up companies. She holds a BSc (Physics) degree and MSc (Psychology) degree, as well as an HED.

E: ajnel@sun.ac.za
W: www.innovus.co.za