Anna-Haldrup-scaledAnna Haldrup
was trained as an agronomist in 1992 and gained her first experience with patent applications while doing her Industrial Ph.D. in plant biochemistry and genetics at Danisco A/S. She then worked at University of Copenhagen for several years as post doc. and associate professor performing basic research in the area of photosynthesis and at the same time doing a lot of dissimilation for high school students- and teachers about plants and GMO.

From 2005 to 2011 she was Head of Department of Plant Biology at University of Copenhagen. There her focus was high quality research and more collaboration between university and industry. During her time as a Head the Department of Plant Biology became the first one to employ a professor responsible for increased industrial relations.

From 2011 to 2014 she held a position of Director of Research & Innovation at University of Copenhagen referring directly to Pro-rector of Research. In this role she actively worked towards changing the culture by motivating researchers to increase public-private collaborations and to think innovation as a part of their daily research. Going from department level to the central administration of a complex organization of a big university was a huge eye opener. Many interests had to be taken into account and a decision was not always a decision so cultural changes are a challenge and takes time.

Today she is Director of Research Support at Carlsberg A/S. Her focus here is strategy (including strategic partnerships with universities and other organizations), external funding, IPR, budget, HR and purchasing. Shifting several times between public and private sector has given her insights into what it takes to ensure a smooth collaboration and how important a wide personal network is.

E: anna.haldrup@carlsberg.com
W: www.carlsberglab.dk