Iain Thomas (2)-scaled-croppedIain Thomas is Head of Life Sciences at Cambridge Enterprise.
Cambridge Enterprise’s Life Sciences product portfolio includes alemtuzumab (Sanofi), breast cancer markers (Brevagen) and mouse touch screen chambers (Campden Instruments). Recent spin-outs include Morphogenix, Mission Therapeutics, Cambridge Epigenetix, XO1 Therapeutics, Z-factor and Phoremost. Recent transactions include licences in fields as diverse as therapeutics,
diagnostics, biofuels, IVF and epigenetics and the sale of XO1 to Johnson & Johnson. Iain led discussions with GSK in respect of the University of Cambridge-GSK open innovation drug discovery initiative based at the SBC and was the CE lead for the Apollo Therapeutics Fund.

E: lain.thomas@enterprise.cam.ac.uk
W: www.enterprise.cam.ac.uk