KSCKristian Strømgaard is a professor of chemical biology in the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, at the University of Copenhagen and Director of the Center for Biopharmaceuticals. He received his master’s degree in chemical research from the Department of Chemistry at University College London under the supervision of Professor C. Robin Ganellin. ln 1999, he received his PhD in medicinal chemistry from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy. Subsequently, Dr. Strømgaard carried out his postdoctoral studies with Professor Koji Nakanishi in the Department of Chemistry at Columbia University. During this period his main focus was on medicinal chemistry studies of neuroactive natural products, with a particular emphasis on polyamine toxins and ginkgolides. ln 2002, he returned to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences as an assistant professor and became an associate professor in 2004 and a professor in 2006. He is currently heading the Center for Biopharmaceuticals, which is an interdisciplinary effort focusing on protein medicinal chemistry. Dr. Strømgaard lab explores membraneebound proteins and their downstream signaling proteins using a combination of chemical and biological approaches. In addition, Dr. Strømgaard is co-founder of a biotech company, Avilex Pharma, which explores peptide-based inhibitors of protein-protein interactions as novel treatment for stroke.

E: kristian.stromgaard@sund.ku.dk
W: www.healthsciences.ku.dk