Louis-Berneman-croppedLou Berneman is the founding partner of Osage University Partners (Fund I $100M, Fund II $215M), a venture fund that invests exclusively in university start-ups.  Lou is also managing director of Texelerate, LLC, a technology transfer consultancy and an advisor to HealthCare Royalty Partners, a $3+ billion private equity fund investing in healthcare products.

Previously, Lou was managing director of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Technology Transfer and director of licensing and business development at Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology.  He is a past president of Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) and former Vice President and Trustee of the Licensing Executives Society USA & Canada (LES).  He has been involved in intellectual property licensing, business development, and entrepreneurial activities for 30+ years and is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP).  He has testified as an expert in intellectual property litigation.

Lou has a baccalaureate degree from Pennsylvania State University, a teaching credential from University of California Santa Barbara, and masters and doctoral degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University.

E: lberneman@osagepartners.com
W: www.osagepartners.com