Niels_Maarbjeg_03 (2)-CroppedNiels Maarbjerg Olesen is Chief Advisor at Aalborg University.

Since its inception in 1974, Aalborg University (AAU) has offered education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical
and health sciences.

AAU is placed on many of the renowned ranking lists of the worlds approximately 17.000 universities and is in general among the top 2-3 %.

AAU is internationally known as a leading educational institution within problem based learning iPBLi and is characterized by combining a keen engagement in local, regional, and national issues with an active commitment to international collaboration.

Niels Maarbjerg Olesen’s task as Chief Advisor is, with main reference to the Rector of Aaiborg University, to support the cooperation of the University with Regional
Organizations and Municipalities. He is further representing the University in regional business networks, the national working group for Innovation and Technology Transfer, and an international steering group for Entrepreneurship and Societal impact of Research organized by ECIU, The European Consortium of innovative Universities.

Before this Niels Maarbjerg Olesen served as Innovation Director and Faculty Director for The Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine, at Aalborg University. He has had the operational as well as the strategic responsibility for the Academic Program Administration, Research Administration, AAU Innovation, Financial Services, PR and Communications Service and the ICT Office. The Research Administration included contracts, fundraising, project management the Tioctoral School and bibliometric, and the Innovation management included IRR and its commercialization, collaboration with external stakeholders, support for entrepreneurship activities, network support and matchmaking.

E: nmo@adm.aau.dk
W: www.en.aau.dk