Patrick McCutcheon (2)-scaled-croppedPatrick McCutcheon is a senior policy officer at the European Commission department for research and innovation. He is currently responsible for the development of a financial instrument to finance commercialization of public research results and review of anti-trust cases involving technology transfer. He managed the Commission expert group on patent aggregation and is responsible for a follow-on study on technology transfer agreements.

Previously he contributed to the reviews of: the EU technology transfer Block Exemption Regulation and related guidelines, the EU State aid framework for research and innovation, the technology transfer performance and policies of European public research organisations, the European Commission’s policy statement on procurement of innovation and the Commission’s analysis of corporate investments in R&D and, as a country desk officer, innovation performance of a number of Member States.

Earlier he worked as a scientist both in the Pharma industry and as a forensic scientist and managed the implementation of chemicals legislation and development of policy on protection of the marine environment. He holds Masters Degrees in science (chemistry major), business administration and law (specialisation in IP and Competition law) from respectively the National University of Ireland, Edinburgh Business School and the University of London.

E: Patrick.Mccutcheon@ec.europa.eu
W: www.ec.europa.eu