Siri Kolle (2)-CroppedSiri Kolle is Vice President Clinical at lnven2 AS. She has a Master’s degree in  Public Health and Epidemiology. Siri has altogether more than 15 years’ ‘ experience holding different positions within clinical trials for the Oslo University Hospital, Eli Lilly, Sanofi and the last six years managing clinical trial agreements in lnven2. Each year, the lnven2 Clinical Trial department negotiates and enters more than 1OO new clicical trial agreements on behalf of the Hospital and does financial follow up of more than 300 ongoing trials.

lnven2 is the largest contributor within the field of commercialization of research in Norway. lnven2 is owned by the University of Oslo and the Oslo University Hospital, Norway‘s largest and leading university and hospital representing pioneering research. lnven2 build bridges between excellent research and the next generation technology based industry. lnven2 also manages agreements with industry sponsored clinical trials for all Hospitals within the South East region of Norway and University Hospital of North Norway covering more than 50% of the Norwegian population.

E: siri.kolle@inven2.com
W: www.inven2.com/en